The Silver Lining

The Silver Lining is the monthly newsletter of the Apostolic Christian Church of America. Its original purpose was to keep the church's World War II participants informed. The first issue in October 1943 had 35 recipients. It blossomed into a nationwide demoninational publication which presents news reports from each congregation along with sermons and other items of interest. The congregational reports are rich with records of (adult) baptisms along with birth, marriage, and death notices. Some of the earlier issues presented biographical information on the congregations' oldest living members.

I have assembled a collection of The Silver Lining that is complete from 1962 to present, thanks to the generousity of various church families and the Mennonite Historical Library at Goshen, Indiana. I am willing to do lookups in these issues upon request.

I am also collecting issues before 1962. The information in the table below refers to issues I have or have scanned. There appear to have been various gaps in publication. Empty boxes on the table indicate issues I need or issues that were never published. If you would like to contribute any of the missing issues, please contact me.

Issue numbers in parenthesis were not dated and their placement in the table was based on my estimate of the issue date. The bullets indicate issues which had no numbering.

Some of the issues noted in the table below are available online in PDF format.

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Click on the volume and number or the bullet to access them in PDF format.

Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep.Oct.Nov.Dec.
19485:45:5(Issue Fragment)  5:9      
19496:3 6:56:6 6:8 6:10(6:11) 7:17:2
1956 (8:10) (8:11) (8:12)
1957 (9:1) (9:2) (9:3)
1958 (9:4) (9:5) (9:6) (9:7)
1959 (9:8) (9:9) (9:10)
1961 12:212:3

Current subscriptions to The Silver Lining are available for a suggested donation of $14 per year. For more information, contact the publisher at the address below:

The Silver Lining
1389 County Road 1600 N
Roanoke, IL 61561