Brown Family Cemetery
Monroe Township, Allen County, Indiana
Brown Family Cemetery Sign Brown Family Cemetery sign installed by the Allen County Commissioners, Apr. 2006
Family cemetery Adam Barrone by a Mary Brown stone
News-Sentinel photo by
Ellie Bogue December 1998
Published: 17 February 1999 Marking history News-Sentinel photo by
Ellie Bogue December 1998
Published: 17 Febraury 1999 Brown Cemetery (1998) -- View from road Brown Cemetery (1998) -- Three Stones Brown Cemetery (1998) -- Hiding Stone Brown Cemetery (1998) -- Mary Brown Brown Cemetery (1998) -- David Harrless 5 photos above were taken by me
on Memorial Day, 1998 Brown Cemetery (1972)-- Mary Shaffer Brown Cemetery (1972)-- Margaret Shaffer Brown Cemetery (1972)-- Margaret Shaffer Brown Cemetery (1972) Brown Cemetery (1972)-- John Friedline Brown Cemetery (1972) 6 photos above were taken by
Warren & Betty Fitch in 1972 Brown Cemetery (2004) Brown Cemetery (2004) Brown Cemetery (2004) 3 photos above were taken during Betty Fitch's trip to the cem., 2004
This is the gravestone of my ancestors who owned the cemetery land originally.

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Photo by Angie (Lee) Ness, Jan. 2005

Cemetery Description

The Brown Cemetery is on one acre of public land on Whittern Road one half mile south of Hoagland Road in Monroe Twp., Allen Co., Indiana.  It is the southwest corner of the old Henry Brown farm. The first known burial, that of Jabez Shaffer, occurred in 1849. Sophia Friedline Black Rider, the last known person to be interred, was buried in 1906.

Land History

Henry A. Brown purchased the farm in 1846 and sold it to his son John H. Brown in 1875. For more information, click here.

Cemetery Recollections

My Mother's Grandparents' name was Brown. Pioneers they settled on land near Monroeville, Ind.  They are buried there.  Their graves are fenced in with an iron fence.  Their son John lived there after their deaths...
  - Eva (Ebersole) Wise (1887-1973)

...My first memories come from the farm on Hoagland Road...I imagine we moved to the farm about 1926 ...Our trips to the graveyard were seldom more than about twice a year. Some sort of veteran outfit used to put 15 or so flags on the graves every year...[We would] gather walnuts from a huge tree inside the fence. They were the best walnuts.
  - Bill McArdle, 1999

My dad was raised on the farm right in front of the Brown cemetery. It was across the road from the Klinker farm. Suppose dad was well acquainted with the cemetery although it would have been at the back of their farm. But he has never talked about it.
  - Betty (Brown) Fitch, b. 1930

Cemetery Ownership and Responsibility

Brown Cemetery has been on public land since 1875 when Henry Brown excluded a 1/2 acre plot from the farm deed to his son. By Indiana State Code 23-14-68, the Monroe Twp. Trustee is responsible for its care. The current Trustee, Max Meyer, has been aware of the cemetery's condition since I notified him in May 1998. He, in conjunction with Eagle Scout candidate Glen Miller of Fort Wayne, orchestrated a cleanup project on June 19, 1999. After that time, the cemetery conditions were allowed to deteriorate.

Restoration Efforts

Plans are underway at the county and township levels to restore Brown Cemetery. County Commissioner Linda Bloom, County Grant Writer Lin Wilson, and Monroe Township Trustee Max Meyer are the government officials involved in the project.

These tasks have been completed during 2005:
  • Authorized by Mr. Meyer, the Monroeville American Legion Post 420 summoned their "Sunday Soldiers" to clean brush away. They did a tremendous job, clearing a larger area than had been cleared in 1999. They also reset the marker for Civil War veteran Andrew D. Kemp.
  • The Allen County Highway Department, led by foreman Mike Stiffarm, installed a culvert in Brown Ditch west of the cemetery to allow access from Whittern Road. The culvert was delivered and installed Nov. 10, 2005. It weighed 9,000 pounds and the total project cost was about $25,000. This project was funded by the county.

    View culvert installation photos.

These tasks have been completed during 2006:
  • American Legion Post 420 Sunday Soldiers have cleared brush in the area between the cemetery and Whittern Road.
  • Allen County Commissioner Linda Bloom dedicated an Indiana Cemetery Heritage Sign at Brown Family Cemetery on 25 Apr. 2006. This was funded by county government.
  • American Legion Post 420 Sunday Soldiers have reset some of the largest markers, constructed a gravel lane, and hung a porch swing from a large tree.

Upcoming events:

Descendants and relatives of those buried in Brown Cemetery are invited to provide contact information to Adam Barrone at He will provide news about preservation progress and opportunities to help.

News Stories

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Arial Photograph of Cemetery Site

Reading of the Brown Cemetery

from Madison-Monroe Township Cemeteries (1980) pp. 126-128
by the Allen County Genealogical Society
PO Box 12003
Fort Wayne, IN  46862
It combines an old DAR reading and their own reading.
This book is available for purchase from the Society.

 NameDeath Date Age or Birth Date Marker NotesAnnotations by
A. Barrone
1- - - - , MALINDA

  near Friedline: stone old unreadableBottom part of stone located: "...John and Margaret Friedline, died Jan. 10, 1863, aged 11y 5m 26d"

MAY 21 18554Y 8M 6Ddau. of S. C. & H. E.marker reads: "Evaline Dau. of S. C. & M. Barber..."
3BARNHART, PETERSEP 26 185459Y 11M 11D 

AUG 17 185110M 8Dson of M & Pcensus: N/A

4th son of Michael Barrone and Polly Brown who lived in Monroe Township. Polly is daughter of Henry & Mary Brown

Death year was 1854 - worn 4 appeared to be a 1.


SEP 06 188211Mson of -- & A.census: N/A

The second photograph taken at an angle when damp reveals that he is son of I. F. & A. Barrone and lived 11 Ms. 8 ds.

His parents were Isaac & Abigail Barrone. His grandfathers were Oscar Curtis and Michael Barrone. On the 1900 census of Monroe Twp., Abigail was shown to have had 11 children with 6 living.

See Oscar's sister Hester Jane Barrone in the additional burials section.


FEB 13 188120Y 3M 7D census: 1880, Union Twp., Adams Co., as 19 year old wife of Davis Baxter, age 21

born: IN


FEB 26 1881 infant son of D. & E.G.

APR 05 187343Y 1M 24D census: Union Twp., Adams Co., 1860

born: VA


1906born 1832 census: 1860, Union Twp., Adams Co., as wife of Charles W.

census: 1880, Union Twp., Adams Co., as widow with dau. Nancy

nee Friedline, daughter of John (#24)


NOV 21 185432Y 1M 12Dwife of Davidmarker reads: "Elizabeth.S Wife of David Bower..."

APR 13 187670Y 3M 20D born: PA

original owner of cemetery land


DEC 08 186130Y 3M 21D census: Monroe Twp., 1860

born: PA

son of Henry & Mary

husband of Lavina Hoskman

marker appears to say "& 8 Days"


OCT 21 186073YMarker reads "James Brown"

APR 06 189923Y 6M 17D actually 76Y 11M 23D - see Weekly Breeze, p. 4, col. 1, 13 Apr. 1899

born: Carroll Co., OH

husband of Mary Marsh


NOV 27 188428Y 6M 17D 
16BROWN, MARYSEP 21 186068Y 

MAY 31 187261Y 3M 21D born: PA

nee Hoffman, wife of Henry Brown, original owner of cemetery land


JUL 27 189267Y 5M 25Dwife of Johnborn: Ohio

nee Marsh, wife of John Brown (#14)


APR 16 18799M 23Dour baby; son of J.W. & L.A.

MAR 19 185860Y 17D census: Monroe Twp., 1850

born: PA

husband of Martha

purchased SE qtr. of SW qtr. of Sec. 31, Monroe Twp., 1847 see deed book K, p. 400


NOV 25 18557Y 11Mdau. of J. & M.

APR 17 186375Y census: Madison Twp., 1850, 1860

born: Scotland

23DANKS, PHOEBENOV 27 187267Y census: Monroe Twp., 1870, with John & Susan Anderson

born: OH

nee Drake, married 13 May 1845 in Allen Co.; Jacob & Rachel Drake, aged 77 and 71, lived with them in 1850


MAR 16 189784Y 11M 2D census: Monroe Twp., 1860

born: PA


APR 04 187361Y 1M 29Dwife of JohnMargaret's orignal marker was found some distance from the large granite marker which names John & Margaret.
26GRAHAM, CLYDIEMAR 19 188721Y 9M 16Dwife of Samuel E.

OCT 21 185816Y 3M 20Ddau. of S. & N.

NOV 04 188564Y 5M 2Dwife of Samuel

OCT 02 1886born Jul. 16, 1884 

JUN 02 190382Y 11M 20D census: Monroe Twp., 1900

b. OH

see Weekly Breeze, p.1, col. 3, 4 Jun 1903


  stone illegiblecensus: 1860, Union Twp., Adams Co., as 5 year old child of William & Barbara Harkless

Marker in the photo is near Louisa & David Harkless and is presumably that of Emaline


DEC 04 186_5Y 6M 25Ddau. of Wm. & Ba.census: 1860, Union Twp., Adams Co., as 4 year old child
33KEMP, A. D.

INDIANA INF CO. C. 35Andrew David Kemp

census: Monroe Twp., 1850, as son of Martin & Catherine Kemp

born: c1846 in Indiana

d. May 20, 1894
see Headstones Provided to Deceased Civil War Veterans


DEC 21 186140Y 3M 6Dwife of M. W.census: Monroe Twp., 1850, as wife of Martin Kemp

JUL 06 186243Y 5M 3Dcensus: 1850, Monroe Twp., Allen Co., with Martin & Catharine Kemp, at age 7

age actually reads 19Y 5M 3D 


SEP 185456Y 3Mwife of Joseph

APR 08 18544Wchild of J. & M.

SEP 16 186029Y 7M 16D census: Monroe Twp., 1860



OCT 09 186139Y 9M 24Dwife of Josephmarker reads "Mary. wife of Joseph Rabbit."
41ROBINSON, ADAMDEC 26 187272Y 10M 11D census: Madison Twp., 1860

born: VA


SEP 23 185429Y 6M 2D 

JUL 25 186364Y 9M 2Dwife of Adam

JUL 30 185413Y 1M 30Ddau. of A. & S.

AUG 14 185422Ywife of William

NOV 07 184956Y 5M 13D 

MAY 25 1854born Aug. 19, 1827 marker reads "John Shafer BORN Aug. 29, 1821..."

SEP 07 185456Y 10M 7Dwife of Valentine

MAR 04 1905born Aug. 19, 1827 

JUL 13 185133Y 1M 5Dwife of Amasamarker reads "Shafer"

NOV 10 188382Y 8Mwife of Jabezmarker reads "Susanna"

SEP 27 187479Y 4M 16D 
53VAN BUSKIRK, JAMESFEB 15 186959Y 5M 11D census: Union Twp., Adams Co., 1860

born: PA


SEP 08 186424Y 6M 11Dwife of Peternee Cully

see Peter Whipkey in "additional burials" section below

photograph of partial stone identified by age from previous readings


JUL 08 188244Y 4M 14Dwife of D.census: Monroe Twp., 1870

born: Ohio

nee Fleck, married 1856 in Crawford Co., Ohio, to David (born: PA) who remarried to Sarah A. Whipkey in 1884 in Allen County. David and the 2nd Sarah are buried at Flat Rock Luth. Cem.

David was a Civil War veteran

Six stones with initials on top were found in line with Sarah's marker. Three of these are legible: S E W, C E W, and O A W

Additional Burials and Markers from other sources

The following information does not appear in the ACGSI or DAR readings.
 Barrone, Hester Jane

DEC 24 18792Y 24Ddau. of I. F. & A Barrone
 Barrone, Ida J.

AUG 20 18704M 23Ddau. of M. & P. Barronecensus: 1870, Monroe Twp., Allen Co., as daughter of Michael & Polly Barrone

born: IN

 Barrone, Peter B.

JAN 29 18656Y 11M 20D ?son of M. & P. Barronecensus: 1860, Monroe Twp., Allen Co., as 2-year-old son of Michael & Polly Barrone

born: IN

 Black, Margaret E.

JUN 12 18631Y 5M 15Ddau. of C. W. & S. Black 

FEB 15, 1870Infant dau. of J. & M. Bluffer
 Bower, Frederick

JUL 28 186790Ysame marker as Hannah C. Bower
 Bower, Hannah C.

JAN 28 184862Ysame marker as Frederick Bower
Martha J.

JUL 21 1854
JUL 10 1847
APR 5 1853

 single marker with 3 inscriptions

1847 seems to predate the cemetery

 Foss, William M.

JUN 23 1866[stone broken]son of J. M. & M. Foss
 Friedline, Alexander

JUN 26 18491Y 3M 8Dson of J. & M. Friedline
 Harkless, David J.

DEC 16 186111Y 5M 4Dson of Wm. & B. A. Harklesscensus: 1860, Union Twp., Adams Co., as child

brother of no. 31 and no. 32 above

 Harris, Mary

NOV 17 187019Y 9M 28Ddau. of J. & M. A. Harriscensus: 1870, Monroe Twp., Allen Co., with John & Matilda Harris, at age 19

born: OH

 Long, Susanna

SEP 19 1865OCT 20 1850census: 1860, Monroe Twp., Allen Co., in the household of Andrew & Elizabeth Long

FEB 19 1884Infant son of I. & M. D. Magner
 Ramsey, Henry B.

APR 30 1859 1Y 3M 8Dson of W. J. & M. L. Ramsey

AUG 23 185419Y 12 Dwife of Alexander Robinsonmarker broken
 Robinson, Adam G.

SEP 07 185416Y 5M 8Dson of A. & S. Robinson
 Robinson, Cora E.

AUG 07 18705Y 11M 4Ddau. of J. & S. J. Robinson
 Robinson, E. C.

JUN 05 18511M 15Dson of J. & S. J. Robinson
 Robinson, Martha E.

AUG 19 18545M 28Ddau. of A. & EJ. Robinson
 Robinson, Oliver R.

JAN 13 185923Y 3M 5D
 Robertson, WillieJUL 10 18605M 18Dson of A. W. & M. Robertson
 Shafer, Adam R.

JAN 24 18533Y 11M 13DSon of J. & M. J. Shafer
 Shaffer, Hariet

MAR 27 1856Infant dau. of J. & M. J. Shaffer
 Shaffer, John

JUL 01 18691Y 9M 3Dson of J. & M. J. Shaffersame marker as Martha J. Shaffer
 Shaffer, Martha J.

NOV 02 1868 1M 13Ddau. of J. & M. J. Shaffersame marker as John Shaffer
 Shaffer, Matildah

JAN 22 1858dau. of J. & M. J. Shaffer
 Shaffer, Margaret Ellen

NOV 14 18573Y 3M 12Ddau. of J. B. & J. Shaffer
 Shaffer, Rosa

SEP 01 1859Infant Daughter of J. & M. J. Shaffer
 Weiler, Martin Luther

AUG 06 1861son of James & Sarah E. Weilercensus: 1860, Madison Twp., Allen Co., with James & Sarah, at age 0

This marker was damaged by fire.

 Whipkey, Peter   died 21 October 1881 from inflammation of the lungs
     see Monroeville Democrat 27 October 1881 page 3 column 3

married: Sarah Ann Burger 26 Jun 1855 in Allen County
married: Susan M. Cully 8 Mar 1864 in Allen County
married: Cecelia Kemp 6 Aug 1865 in Allen County
census: Monroe Twp., 1870

Fort Wayne Sentinel 20 Apr 1881, Monroeville items: After an absence of 8 years, Peter Whipkey returned from Minnesota

 Wormcastle, Samuel   died 7 February 1879, aged 72y6m26d
see Monroeville Democrat
13 February 1879 page 3 column 2

census: 1870, Union Twp., Adams Co.

Brown Cemetery after the American Legion cleanup, 13 Nov. 2005

Daffodils, a lasting tribute, 20 Apr. 2006

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