Michael & Polly Barrone Photos

Michael and Polly Barrone

Michael Barrone & Polly (Brown) Barrone
1821-1894            1829-1915

Photo before 1870
Monroeville, Indiana

Polly Barrone Age Comparison

Polly (Brown) Barrone
age comparison

Michael and Polly Barrone grave marker

Monroeville Memorial Cemetery
Monroeville, Ind.

Barrone Brothers

Barrone Brothers, sons of Michael & Polly Barrone

In the upper right is Amos Stewart Barrone. Others, by age (unknown order in photo): Henry S., Levi A., Isaac F., George W. R., William J.

Photo around 1880-1885
Monroeville, Indiana

Barrone Family

Barrone Family
Polly (Brown) Barrone at front center.

 Amos Barrone Family

Ada Jane (Barnhart) Barrone, Amos Stewart Barrone
Dewey Willard Barrone, Otha Tobias Barrone

J.S.Drysdale Studio, Brainerd, Minnesota

John & Charlotte Ellen (Barrone) Ebersole Family

John & Charlotte (Barrone) Ebersole
Eva M. & Rosa I. Ebersole