Henry A. Brown Family Photos

Mary Brown

Mrs. Henry A. (Mary Hoffman) Brown

Children and Spouses of Henry & Mary Brown

James A. & Lucinda (Brown) Brown; Nathaniel & Sarah (Bell) Brown; William & Anna (Hines) Brown

Brown Siblings

John H. Brown & wife; James W. & Lizzie (Purnam) Brown; Christina (Brown) May; Polly (Brown) Barrone

Photo before 1907

Daughters of Henry & Mary Brown

Brown Sisters

Polly Barrone, Lucinda Brown, Christina May

Jesse and Christina (Brown) May Jesse and Christina (Brown) May (enhanced)

Jesse & Christina (Brown) May
Photo courtesy of Ellen (Magner) Tatara, Woodbridge, VA
The photograher was C. T. Dorwin of Decatur, Ind.
Dorwin started photography in 1874 and Jessie May died in 1893.
Photo at right is enhanced.

Albert N. Brown, James A. Brown, Lucinda (Brown) Brown, & Charles A. Brown
Photo courtesy of Angie Ness