Lafayette Carothers Family Photos

Lafayette Carothers

Lafayette Carothers
Portrait in charcoal

Lafayette Carothers family reunion, 1909 Right-click on image and select "View Image" to see larger version

Top Row: Letticia (Carothers) Rawson, George E. Rawson, Arthur L. Carothers, Walter Crothers, Lafayette Crothers, Pearl Vanderford, Fern Stage, Coral Stage, Louis B. Blaising, Grayce (Carothers) Blaising, Birdie Miller, Metta (Wells) Parker, Blanche Crothers, Forrest H. Parker, Martha McCoy, John L. Crothers, Elmina (Heltzel) Crothers

Middle Row: Lawrence Crothers, William L. Parker, Vienna (Carothers) Parker, Olive R. Carothers, Mary E. (McCoy) Carothers, Marilla (Beard) Carothers, Mary (Vandolick) Crothers, Leslie B. Carothers, Cyrus V. Carothers, William C. Carothers

Bottom Row: Coy Crothers, Floyd Crothers, Martha Crothers, Merle Rawson, ?, Gertrude Guitam, Carl Crothers, Fay L. Parker, Earle F. Parker

Photo taken in 1909
Wolf Lake, Noble Co., Indiana

Cyrus & Mary Elizabeth (McCoy) Carothers

Cyrus & Mary Elizabeth (McCoy) Carothers
1856-1925            1860-1944

Cyrus Carothers family Right-click on image and select "View Image" to see larger version

Cyrus Carothers Family

Lafayette, John, Cyrus, Arthur, Mary Elizabeth, and Letticia
c. 1900, Green Twp., Noble Co., Indiana

Mary Elizabeth Carothers with great-granddaughter

Mary Elizabeth (McCoy)Carothers with great-grandaughter Carol Crothers (daughter of Harry & Edna Crothers)
c. 1940

Lafayette & Pearl (Vanderford) Crothers

Lafayette & Pearl (Vanderford) Crothers
1888-1963            1890-1969